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PunchOut2Go for BigCommerce

PunchOut2Go for BigCommerce provides a seamless way to manage PunchOut Catalog integrations between procurement buyers from any platform (Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, etc.) and BigCommerce.

PunchOut Catalog Integration for BigCommerce

BigCommerce_Technology_Partner_Badge.pngPunchOut2Go integrates B2B BigCommerce stores with spend management, eProcurement, and ERP platforms. With support for hundreds of buyer back-end platforms, PunchOut2Go empowers B2B sellers to offer PunchOut catalog, requisition and purchase order, shipping notification (ASN), and invoice harmonization between BigCommerce and Coupa, Jaggaer, Ariba, Oracle PeopleSoft, and many more. Get started now with PunchOut2Go for BigCommerce.


PunchOut Catalogs and B2B Automation for BigCommerce

B2B buyers use eProcurement software to streamline procurement processes, control spending, and ensure that all purchases are transparent and accountable. Buyers demand PunchOut catalog integration and B2B automation because it: 

  • Reduces cost
  • Reduces errors
  • Increases procurement workflow efficiency

Unfortunately, BigCommerce doesn’t talk the same language as Coupa, Ariba, Jaggaer, or the hundreds of other eProcurement and spend management systems in use today.

That’s where PunchOut2Go steps in. PunchOut2Go is a managed service that mediates communication between BigCommerce and your customers' backend systems. PunchOut2Go harmonizes authentication, PunchOut catalog integration, orders, invoicing, and more. With PunchOut2Go, B2B sellers can accommodate any requests for PunchOut integration from buyers without costly and time-consuming custom development.

PunchOut2Go sits between BigCommerce and any number of buyer eProcurement platforms, consuming feeds in multiple formats, including cXML, EDI, iDoc, XML, and many more.

PunchOut2Go and BigCommerce

BigCommerce is a favored eCommerce application of thousands of businesses — including Fortune 500 and Internet Retailer 1000 members.

Businesses choose BigCommerce because it provides a host of enterprise B2B sales features, including excellent integration with POS and ERP platforms, B2B-specific payment features, reliability, and performance.

With PunchOut2Go, sellers are able to offer no-fuss, fully supported PunchOut catalog integration that makes for a smooth procurement experience. 

  • eProcurement Customers select your BigCommerce store from within their eProcurement platform. They are automatically authenticated with the store and redirected to your catalog.
  • After browsing, searching, and selecting products, the customer punches out and PunchOut2Go creates a requisition order on the eProcurement platform.
  • Once the purchase is approved, PunchOut2Go transfers the PO to BigCommerce for fulfillment.
  • PunchOut2Go is an end-to-end integration solution: we also support orders to invoice and advanced shipping notification harmonization between platforms.

BigCommerce PunchOut Catalog Integration with Coupa

Coupa is a leading business spend management platform chosen by businesses that prefer a single solution for spend management, procurement, and spend analysis. PunchOut2Go provides seamless punchout catalog and B2B automation for Coupa and BigCommerce.

BigCommerce PunchOut Catalog Integration with Ariba

SAP Ariba is a SaaS enterprise eProcurement and spend management platform with close ties to other SAP products. Ariba is typically used by midsize to enterprise businesses. PunchOut2Go can integrate your BigCommerce store with Ariba without expensive custom development.

BigCommerce PunchOut Catalog Integration with Jaggaer

Jaggaer (once called SciQuest) is a popular spend management platform in the education, healthcare, and software development spaces. The PunchOut2Go Gateway provides complete PunchOut, order, and invoice integration between Shopify and Jaggaer.

Integrate Your BigCommerce Storefront with Any Buyer eProcurement or Spend Management Platform

We can integrate any eCommerce store with any buyer eProcurement or spend management platform. With the help of PunchOut2Go, your business can offer PunchOut2Go integration to every buyer.

To learn more about PunchOut, purchase orders and invoicing integrations for BigCommerce and any of the eCommerce and eProcurement integrations supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

The PunchOut to Order to Invoice processes with eProcurement systems


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