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Punchout Catalog Gateway Integration

An adaptable PunchOut Gateway that simplifies the PunchOut conversation between the seller’s store and buyer e-procurement systems.

PunchOut2Go Punchout Catalog Gateway Implementation

punchout-catalog-integration.jpgFor suppliers or e-Commerce providers that would like, or need, to integrate punch-out catalog capabilities into their already existing e-commerce application, the PunchOut2Go PunchOut Catalog Gateway implementation is the logical solution. It's simple, robust and cost effective. Integrate Once, use Over & Over with any buyers procurement system!

PunchOut2Go provides clients and resellers that wish to integrate punchout catalog capabilities with detailed documentation, one on one support with the suppliers development team and the only PunchOut Catalog Validation portal on the market to test with.

The PunchOut2Go PunchOut Gateway is designed to simplify the PunchOut conversation between the seller’s store front and the buyer’s e-procurement system.

The PunchOut2Go Gateway consumes the traditional PunchOut request and provides mechanisms to the seller’s store to use when interacting with punchout sessions.

The traditional PunchOut Transaction consists of the following documents- The Setup Request, The Setup Response and the Order Message. The PunchOut2Go Gateway consumes these elements and provides the following transactions, discussed in brief.

Complete explanations and samples are provided in our documentation. 

PunchOut Catalog for

For suppliers that would prefer a turn-key solution, PunchOut2Go offers the only plug and play solutions that enables Punchout with leading e-commerce solutions as well as a growing network of PunchOut2Go integrated solutions.

PunchOut2Go for Your Platform

Become a PunchOut2Go eCommerce partner to leverage the adaptable PunchOut2Go Gateway.

eProcurement Purchase Order & Invoice Automation

B2B Sales Order Automation connects buyer eProcurement platforms with seller eCommerce applications, eliminating manual order and invoice handling, and streamlining procurement workflows.

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