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PunchOut2Go for 1WorldSync, Inc.

1WorldSync has teamed with PunchOut2Go to give customers a way to manage transactions between procurement buyers from any platform (Ariba, SciQuest, Coupa, SAP, etc.) and supplier eCommerce sites.


PunchOut Catalog Integration for 1WorldSync

1WorldSync, Inc. is a hosted application with an eCommerce storefront that automates the complete sales cycle from quote to purchase order. With 1WorldSync, IT resellers can cut quoting time to as little as 10 minutes. Products from leading suppliers are visible from a single dashboard. At the foundation of 1WorldSync is DataSource™, 1WorldSync’s premier product data, which powers many of the world's largest eCommerce sites and is included in every subscription at no additional cost. Please visit for more information.

PunchOut2Go provides punchout catalog integration for 1WorldSync and hundreds of enterprise resource planning, spend management, and eProcurement platforms.

Via PunchOut2Go, B2B sellers using 1WorldSync are able to provide catalog punchout and B2B automation to their buyers' back-end eProcurement platforms. PunchOut2Go supports all major eProcurement and spend management platforms, including Coupa, Jaggaer, Ariba, SAP ERP, and hundreds more.

Punchout is critical to frictionless B2B eCommerce, and PunchOut2Go is the fastest and most effective punchout solution for 1WorldSync resellers. PunchOut2Go provides seamless automatic data transfer between 1WorldSync and buyer eProcurement platforms, reducing the cost of integration and ensuring that sellers can offer the procurement experience B2B buyers demand.

PunchOut2Go is a managed cloud service. We offer integration support for both buyers and sellers, empowering our users with industry-spanning integration capabilities at a fraction of the cost of custom punchout integration.

1WorldSync and PunchOut2Go

1WorldSync is a full-spectrum cloud sales solution for IT and CE product resellers. 1WorldSync provides a range of B2B sales automation functionality, including product and catalog management and an eCommerce store.

PunchOut2Go for 1WorldSync allows resellers to offer punchout catalog integration to buyers, regardless of the back-end eProcurement or spend management platform they use.

Punchout support is increasingly important to B2B buyers. Manual procurement processes are time-consuming, expensive, and error-prone. Many buyers and sellers prefer eCommerce for B2B transactions, but they can’t realize the full benefits if seller eCommerce and buyer eProcurement platforms can’t talk to each other.

PunchOut2Go integrates 1WorldSync with eProcurement platforms via the PunchOut2Go Gateway, a proprietary managed cloud service that facilitates two-way communication between eCommerce and eProcurement platforms that use different feed formats and data protocols.

The PunchOut2Go Gateway hides the complexity of translating between incompatible APIs and feed formats, providing a simple and intuitive procurement and punchout workflow for buyers.

Simple Punchout with PunchOut2Go

The primary benefit of B2B eCommerce is that it allows buyers to search, browse, and select products from the 1WorldSync catalog while giving sellers control over the procurement experience. PunchOut2Go enhances that experience with eProcurement integration and automatic data transfer between platforms.

  • The procurement process begins when the buyer chooses a seller’s 1WorldSync store from their eProcurement platform’s interface. PunchOut2Go handles redirection and authentication on the eCommerce store.
  • The buyer searches, browses, and selects products as usual, placing them in the 1WorldSync cart. Instead of checking out, they punchout, and PunchOut2Go transfers a purchase order to the eProcurement platform.
  • After the approval process is complete, PunchOut2Go sends the order to the 1WorldSync store for fulfillment, or to another suitable endpoint.
  • PunchOut2Go handles integration for the entire procurement process, including invoicing, shipping notifications, and more.

1WorldSync Punchout Catalog Integration for Ariba

PunchOut2Go provides comprehensive punchout catalog integration for SAP Ariba, a leading cloud spend management solution used by thousands of businesses across the world.

1WorldSync Punchout Catalog Integration for Coupa

Coupa is one of the most popular business spend management platforms, used by buyers to take control of procurement and maximize the value of their budget. With PunchOut2Go, 1WorldSync resellers can provide punchout integration to Coupa and hundreds of other eProcurement platforms.

1WorldSync Punchout Catalog Integration for SAP ERP (OCI)

SAP ERP is the preeminent ERP platform for enterprise organizations. 1WorldSync sellers who use PunchOut2Go benefit from tight integration with a platform used by many large businesses.

Integrate Your 1WorldSync Store with Any eProcurement Back-End

Choose PunchOut2Go gives buyers managed punchout integration with hundreds of eProcurement platforms, lowering the cost of procurement, while reducing procurement errors and maverick spend.

To learn more about punchout and invoicing integration for 1WorldSync to the hundreds of eCommerce and eProcurement integrations supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

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