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PunchOut2Go provides punchout catalog integration and B2B automation for any eCommerce application and eProcurement platforms including Coupa, SAP Ariba, and Jaggaer.

PunchOut Catalog Integration for Any eCommerce Application

PunchOut2Go integrates and facilitates data interchange between any eCommerce application and any eProcurement, spend management, or ERP platform. With PunchOut2Go, B2B sellers can offer PunchOut catalog, purchase order, shipping notification (ASN), and invoice integration to any buyer backend platform.

The PunchOut2Go partner network provides eCommerce PunchOut solutions for vendors and suppliers of all sizes across all verticals.

PunchOut2Go supports SaaS and self-hosted eCommerce applications, including Magento 1 and 2, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Shopify, SAP Hybris, and hundreds more. PunchOut2Go harmonizes the procurement process between eCommerce applications and eProcurement platforms including Coupa, Jaggaer, Ariba, and Oracle PeopleSoft.

PunchOut catalog integration and B2B automation from PunchOut2Go empowers B2B buyers and sellers with seamless data harmonization, simplified procurement workflows, reduced procurement errors, and data consolidation for purchases and supplier relationships.

PunchOut Catalogs and B2B Automation for Any eCommerce Application

eProcurement and spend management platforms help B2B buyers to control spending, rationalize procurement workflows, and gain greater insight into their organization’s spending patterns. But buyer and seller platforms rarely speak the same language.

The PunchOut2Go Gateway is a managed cloud integration layer that facilitates communication between incompatible eCommerce applications and eProcurement platforms. We consume PunchOut, purchase order, and invoice data in a wide variety of formats and protocols: cXML, XML, OCI, EDI, iDOC, and more.

We handle the two-way normalization and harmonization of data so that any buyer platform can be integrated with any eCommerce platform.

B2B buyers love PunchOut2Go because we can integrate their preferred eProcurement service with all of their suppliers' eCommerce platforms. B2B sellers love PunchOut2Go because we enable them to connect a single eCommerce application to any buyer backend without expensive custom integration.

PunchOut2Go and Your eCommerce Application

B2B vendors and suppliers have hundreds of eCommerce applications to choose from, from custom to packaged or hybrid technologies. Buyers have a similar range of choices for eProcurement and spend management. Unfortunately, no eCommerce application speaks the language of every eProcurement platform.

That’s why B2B buyers and sellers rely on PunchOut2Go. We provide no-hassle supported PunchOut catalog integration and automation for a quick and easy procurement experience.

  • When buyers select your eCommerce store from within their eProcurement platform, PunchOut2Go handles redirection and authentication.

  • The buyer uses your store as usual, browsing, searching, and selecting products, before punching out. PunchOut2Go creates a requisition order on the eProcurement platform.

  • Once the purchase is approved within the eProcurement platform, PunchOut2Go communicates the purchase order to your eCommerce store for fulfillment.

  • PunchOut2Go is a complete Procure-to-Pay integration solution: we support PunchOut, purchase order, shipping notification, and invoice harmonization across platforms.

PunchOut Catalog Integration with Coupa

Coupa is a business spend management platform used by businesses that prefer a consolidated platform for spend management, procurement, and spend analysis. PunchOut2Go provides seamless PunchOut catalog and B2B automation for Coupa and any eCommerce application.

PunchOut Catalog Integration with Ariba

SAP Ariba is a SaaS eProcurement and spend management platform that integrates with other SAP products. PunchOut2Go can integrate your eCommerce store with Ariba without expensive custom development.

PunchOut Catalog Integration with Jaggaer

Jaggaer (once known as SciQuest) is widely used in the education, healthcare, and software development spaces. The PunchOut2Go Gateway provides PunchOut, purchase order, and invoice integration between eCommerce stores and Jaggaer.

Integrate Your eCommerce Store with Any Buyer eProcurement or Spend Management Platform

The PunchOut2Go Gateway integrates any eCommerce store with any buyer eProcurement or spend management platform. With the help of PunchOut2Go, your business can offer every buyer an intuitive and cohesive B2B eCommerce experience.

To learn more about PunchOut, purchase order, and invoice integration for any of the eCommerce and eProcurement platforms supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

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