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PunchOut2Go for Your Platform

Become a PunchOut2Go eCommerce partner to leverage the adaptable PunchOut2Go Gateway.

PunchOut2Go for Your eCommerce Solution

If you are an eCommerce provider looking to replace your existing PunchOut solution or are seeking to align with a provider to assist with your PunchOut needs with a scalable and repeatable solution, look no further. PunchOut2Go partners realize amazing benefits by partnering with PunchOut2Go as an extension of their team as it relates to eProcurement and PunchOut integrations. 

PunchOut2Go provides the ability for eCommerce providers clients to seamlessly integrate B2B PunchOut Catalogs with any of their customers using any eProcurement system that supports PunchOut including Ariba, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Jaggaer, Coupa and many more. The PunchOut2Go Gateway sits between the eCommerce store and any of the client’s customers on any procurement system in order to normalize and harmonize data for various protocols that may be used from system to system such as cXML, OCI, EDI, iDOC, etc. 

Partner with PunchOut2Go for seamless PunchOut & B2B Integrations!

  • Enhance business relationships with your clients 
  • Retain key customers 
  • Leverage industry expertise and existing infrastructure to help grow within the B2B market 
  • Promote PunchOut and B2B order automation capabilities to win new business opportunities 
  • Receive tools, resources and training 
  • Minimal effort, Maximum Opportunities

Your clients will:

  • Retain key customers by doing business in the way their customers want to do business 
  • Increase sales revenue on integrated accounts and open new sales channels 
  • Increase profitability on integrated accounts by lowering the cost to serve their customers 
  • Increase customer satisfaction with a better customer experience and improved order accuracy

How does the PunchOut2Go Partner Program work?

  • Reseller Business relationship 
  • PunchOut2Go will manage each integration from start to finish on behalf of your client 
  • PunchOut2Go will train your sales force on PunchOut/eProcurement and how to effectively have conversations with potential clients
  • Joint marketing opportunities with industry events, guest blogs, webinars, etc. 
  • PunchOut2Go will refer prospects

Punchout Catalog Gateway Integration

An adaptable PunchOut Gateway that simplifies the PunchOut conversation between the seller’s store and buyer e-procurement systems.

eProcurement Purchase Order & Invoice Automation

B2B Sales Order Automation connects buyer eProcurement platforms with seller eCommerce applications, eliminating manual order and invoice handling, and streamlining procurement workflows.

Connecting to any Procurement System

"PunchOut2Go makes it easy for our customers to do business with Roche. Their punchout solution and integration capabilities allow us to connect to any customer with any eProcurement system, at any time. Our customers can easily shop and order Roche products at their contracted prices when they need to - improving their productivity and the way we do business together."

Marketing Manager, Channels, of Roche Diagnostics

Ease of integration is key!

"One of the reasons that AD chose PunchOut2Go as a strategic partner is because their solution is really platform agnostic. AD members utilize all different types of web store solutions and different technologies. They want a PunchOut solution that's affordable and that allows them to get up and running very quickly with a simplified integration. They want to be able to use whatever eCommerce platform they’re working with today, or whatever they adopt in the future."

Kevin Druecker

Director or AD eCommerce Solutions

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