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PunchOut2Go for EvolutionX

PunchOut2Go can integrate your EvolutionX store, including punchout, purchase order, and invoice integration, with any eProcurement, ERP, or spend management platform.

Punchout Catalogs and B2B Automation for EvolutionX

PunchOut2Go empowers B2B buyers and sellers with punchout catalog integration and automatic data exchange between EvolutionX and any eProcurement, spend management, or enterprise resource planning platform.

PunchOut2Go automates punchout catalog, purchase order, and invoice exchange between EvolutionX and Jaggaer, Coupa, SAP Ariba, Oracle PeopleSoft, and hundreds of other eProcurement platforms.

Punchout Catalogs and B2B Automation for EvolutionX with PunchOut2Go

EvolutionX is a leading cloud eCommerce solution for manufacturers, wholesalers, and distributors. It powers thousands of B2B sales relationships and provides a cutting-edge suite of tools for streamlining the B2B sales process.

PunchOut2Go’s managed cloud integration layer provides seamless punchout catalog capabilities for EvolutionX. Punchout catalogs streamline the procurement processes and allow buyers to manage procurement from within their eProcurement platform.

In addition to punchout catalog integration, PunchOut2Go offers a complete B2B automation platform, harmonizing purchase orders, invoices, and other procurement data between buyer eProcurement platforms and EvolutionX.

B2B automation expedites procurement workflows and cuts procurement costs by eliminating procurement errors, helping to reduce maverick spending, and putting an end to inefficient manual procurement document and data exchanges.

PunchOut2Go for B2B Buyers

With PunchOut2Go, B2B buyers can offer a cost-effective supplier enablement solution to suppliers and distributors with EvolutionX stores (or any other eCommerce store). PunchOut2Go reduces supplier enablement lead-times, cuts the cost of enablement, and allows suppliers to integrate without demanding technical requirements.

PunchOut2Go for Manufacturers, Wholesalers, and Distributors

Manufacturers and distributors who embrace PunchOut2Go are empowered to quickly integrate their EvolutionX store with any buyer eProcurement platform. Data integration and punchout catalogs are important to buyers seeking to leverage the strategic advantages of eProcurement. A supplier’s ability to provide punchout catalogs and B2B automation is a competitive advantage.

The PunchOut2Go Experience

With PunchOut2Go, EvolutionX catalogs, purchase orders, and invoices are automatically harmonized with buyer eProcurement platforms. The PunchOut2Go Gateway consumes many data formats, including cXML, EDI, iDoc, and XML. PunchOut2Go’s team of integration specialists support both buyers and suppliers.

The PunchOut2Go-enabled procurement process is straightforward for the procuring organization and the seller.

  • The buyers selects the supplier’s EvolutionX catalog from within their eProcurement platform. They are automatically redirected to the EvolutionX store and authenticated.

  • The seller retains control of the B2B eCommerce experience: buyers select, search, and browse for products as usual. However, instead of checking out, they hit a “Transfer Order” button in the cart. PunchOut2Go automatically transfers their order to the buyer’s eProcurement platform.

  • Once the order has moved through the approval process, PunchOut2Go transfers the relevant data back to the EvolutionX store and creates a purchase order.

As an end-to-end eProcurement integration solution, PunchOut2Go also supports invoice and advanced shipping notification harmonization between EvolutionX and any eProcurement platform.

EvolutionX Punchout Catalog Integration for Coupa

Coupa is the leading cloud spend management platform for businesses ranging from SMEs to enterprise giants. PunchOut2Go provides comprehensive punchout integration and B2B automation for EvolutionX and Coupa.

EvolutionX Punchout Catalog Integration for SAP Ariba

With PunchOut2Go, SAP Ariba users can enable EvolutionX stores with end-to-end procurement and punchout catalog integration. Tens of thousands of businesses across the world use SAP Ariba.

EvolutionX Commerce Punchout Catalog Integration for Jaggaer

The PunchOut2Go Gateway provides punchout, purchase order, and invoice integration between EvolutionX and Jaggaer, the industry-leading spend management and analytics solution.

EvolutionX Punchout and B2B Automation for Any eProcurement Platform

Integrate any eProcurement platform with EvolutionX via the PunchOut2Go Gateway. PunchOut2Go minimizes integration costs for buyer and seller while empowering buyers to enable all of their suppliers with a complete automation solution.

PunchOut2Go’s integration experts work closely with both buyers and sellers to ensure a fast, reliable, and cost-effective integration.

To learn more about punchout catalog, purchase order, and invoice integration for EvolutionX and any of the dozens of eCommerce and eProcurement integrations supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

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