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PunchOut2Go for GOPD

PunchOut2Go for GOPD integrates punchout catalogs and B2B automation with hundreds of eProcurement and spend management platforms, including Coupa, SAP Ariba, and Jaggaer.

Punchout Catalog Integration for GOPD

PunchOut2Go provides GOPD punchout catalog integration and B2B automation for hundreds of spend management, eProcurement, and enterprise resource planning platforms.

PunchOut2Go is a cost-effective managed punchout solution for GOPD and all major eProcurement platforms, including Coupa, Jaggaer, SAP Ariba, SAP ERP, and hundreds more. Office product dealers choose GOPD to streamline sales and reach new digital markets. With PunchOut2Go, dealers can offer an enhanced procurement experience by incorporating their GOPD eCommerce store’s catalogs and products into their buyers' backend eProcurement platforms.

GOPD and PunchOut2Go

GOPD is the  leading office product eCommerce and marketing platform in the US. GOPD provides cutting-edge shopping cart and marketing tools to office product dealers of all sizes, from solopreneurs to large dealers with custom requirements. PunchOut2Go partners with GOPD to provide seamless punchout integration and B2B automation.

Businesses embrace eProcurement to simplify procurement workflows, take control of spending, and gain insight into spending patterns across their organization. They are particularly keen to manage essential procurement relationships, including with office product dealers, via a consolidated eProcurement platform.

Punchout catalogs allow eProcurement users to manage the GOPD procurement process within their eProcurement platform, reducing the cost and complexity of procurement. Office product dealers have a competitive advantage if they can provide punchout catalogs that integrate with buyer platforms.

PunchOut2Go is a managed cloud service that slashes the cost and lead-times of punchout catalog integration. We provide two-way data harmonization between a GOPD store and a buyer’s backend platform. We provide the support both buyer and seller need to consolidate procurement workflows and data interchange. And, because we support every major eProcurement and spend management platform, you will never need to build another expensive custom integration.

Simple GOPD Punchout with PunchOut2Go

With PunchOut2Go, procurement is simple. PunchOut2Go gives buyers end-to-end control of the procurement process through their eProcurement platform. Dealers retain control of the eCommerce experience, which PunchOut2Go enhances with punchout catalog integration and automatic data transfer between platforms.

  • The buyer selects a dealer’s catalog from their eProcurement platform’s interface. They are redirected and authenticated on the dealer’s GOPD store.

  • The buyer browses and searches the store, selecting products and adding them to the GOPD shopping cart. Instead of checking out, the buyer punches out, and the order data is automatically transferred to their eProcurement platform.

  • Once the requisition is approved, PunchOut2Go automatically creates a purchase order with the relevant information in the dealer’s GOPD store, ready for fulfillment.

PunchOut2Go can handle data interchange for the entire procurement process, including punchout catalogs, purchase orders, invoices, shipping notifications, and more.

GOPD Punchout Catalog Integration for Coupa

Coupa is among the most widely used business spend management platforms. Businesses use Coupa to take control of procurement and maximize the value of their budget. With PunchOut2Go, GOPD office product dealers can integrate punchout catalogs with Coupa.

GOPD Punchout Catalog Integration for Ariba

PunchOut2Go provides comprehensive punchout catalog integration for SAP Ariba, a leading cloud spend management solution used by thousands of businesses across the world.

GOPD Punchout Catalog Integration for SAP ERP (OCI)

SAP ERP is the dominant ERP platform for large enterprises. GOPD users who leverage PunchOut2Go benefit from tight integration with a platform used by many of the biggest office product buyers.

Integrate Your GOPD Store with Any eProcurement Backend

PunchOut2Go offers managed punchout integration with hundreds of eProcurement platforms, lowering the cost of procurement while reducing procurement errors and maverick spend. PunchOut2Go consumes data in a wide variety of formats, including cXML, EDI, iDoc, and XML, and can integrate a GOPD store with any mainstream or homegrown eProcurement platform.

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