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PunchOut2Go for Liferay

PunchOut2Go can integrate your Liferay Commerce store for PunchOut catalogs and purchase order harmonization. Connect Liferay Commerce to Coupa, SAP Ariba, Jaggaer, or any other eProcurement platform.

PunchOut Catalogs and Purchase Order Automation for Liferay Commerce

Enable buyers on any eProcurement, spend management, or ERP platform with frictionless procurement automation services, including PunchOut catalogs, purchase order automation, eInvoicing, and more.

PunchOut2Go is a platform-agnostic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that empowers B2B suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors to offer fast, low-cost integration and automation to any buyer. PunchOut2Go supports Liferay Commerce integration with hundreds of buyer back-end platforms, including Coupa, SAP Ariba, Jaggaer, Oracle Netsuite, and many more.

The PunchOut2Go B2B Supplier Experience

Your buyers use eProcurement platforms to simplify and reduce the cost of procurement. They expect you to offer PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation that depend on seamless data exchange between your Liferay Commerce store and their eProcurement platform.

But your buyers use many different eProcurement platforms with incompatible APIs and data formats. Custom integration of buyer eProcurement platforms is expensive, time-consuming, and it doesn’t scale.

PunchOut2Go handles the complexity of integration and data exchange so that you don’t have to. We integrate your Liferay Commerce store with PunchOut2Go via the PunchOut2Go for Liferay Commerce connector. We also integrate your buyer’s eProcurement or ERP platform with PunchOut2Go.

Once integrated, PunchOut2Go seamlessly translates data in real-time as it flows between platforms, enabling PunchOut catalogs and other procurement automation features in a fraction of the time without a single line of code.

The PunchOut2Go B2B Buyer Experience

From the buyer’s perspective, the integrated procurement process couldn’t be more straightforward.

  • The buyer selects your company’s logo from within their eProcurement platform’s interface. PunchOut2Go redirects the buyer to your store and authenticates them with the buying organization’s credentials.
  • The buyer can browse, search, and select products from your Liferay Commerce store as usual. The seller retains complete control of the eCommerce experience.
  • When the buyer is finished, cart data is transferred to the procurement system and a requisition order is automatically created.
  • Once a requisition is approved, PunchOut2Go facilitates the transfer of the purchase order to the Liferay Commerce store for fulfillment and processing.

PunchOut2Go handles the exchange of data between platforms, creating a flawlessly integrated procurement experience.

Why PunchOut2Go?

Eprocurement is the fastest-growing electronic B2B sales channel. B2B buyers of all sizes are digitizing procurement to control costs, reduce errors, mitigate rogue spending, and ensure that procurement policies are followed. To get the most out of their eProcurement platforms, buyers must be able to get data from their supply chain into their eProcurement platform.

That’s why so many B2B buyers make eProcurement a primary factor in vendor selection. They don’t want to do business with suppliers who can’t work with their established platforms and processes.

The PunchOut2Go iPaaS gives suppliers and buyers a frictionless path to integration, enabling fast, reliable, and low-cost integration between any eCommerce store and eProcurement platform.

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