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Configuring Ariba

Instructions on configuring an Ariba punchout supplier account to test the setup of your punchout catalog.

Ariba Punchout Catalog Integration

After you have Installed the PunchOut2Go Magento module or worked through your custom gateway integration, you are going to want to test your punchout environment within Ariba and pass off testing the customers.

For simulating Punchout, The PunchOut2Go Punchout Catalog Emulator Test Suite provides a clear visualization of the punchout process from start to punchout order completion.

The next step would be to configure your Ariba Supplier Account and take it for a real test drive. We are happy to assist with this setup or the self-setup steps below will help you to configure your Ariba punchout catalog integration.

What do you get from PunchOut2Go?

Hopefully you have already spoken to us, we have received your initial test domain and configured our gateway to communicate with your website.

For Ariba-Test setup, you will be given two URLs, a Profile URL and a Catalog URL as well as a Shared Secret.

The Profile URL: The profile URL tells the procurement system about the services that you provide and how to access them. This will be added to the Ariba profile with your cXML configuration. This URL is specific to the supplier account. No matter how many more catalogs you might add under this same supplier account, you will not need to change this.

The Catalog URL: The catalog URL identifies the catalog itself. This URL identifies the punchout catalog to which the buyer should be sent to. For each punchout catalog you setup on your supplier account, you will receive a unique URL. If a non Ariba procurement system does not support or require a Profile URL, the Catalog URL can be used independently to access a specific punchout catalog.

Configuring an Ariba Supplier Test Account

With PunchOut2Go URLs in hand you are ready to configure your supplier account.

  • Step 1. Login and Switch to Test: Login to your Ariba Supplier account. Your Ariba account comes with a "Test Mode". You can access the test mode from a link in your Ariba Supplier Console. In the top right corner of the Console, click on the link "Switch to Test Account".
  • Step 2. Access Test Account: If you have never accessed your test account, it may ask you to set up a new login credentials. Enter credentials you will remember, save and continue.
  • Step 3. Locate cXML Configuration:  Once in, you will need to configure your electronic routing. Click on the "Administration" tab. Then click on the "Configuration" sub menu link. Locate the "Electronic Order Routing" (right column, second row) and click "Edit Configuration" or "Configure". Then on the following page click "Configure cXML setup".
  • Step 5. Shared Secret:  For authentication, select the "Shared Secret" option and establish a "Shared Secret". You will need to provide us the shared secret when you configure you production account. The test account, however, will allow the request to pass through even if this credential does not match.
  • Step 6. Profile URL: In the Profile URL field, enter the profile URL provided to you. No other changes are required. The Punchout URL is discovered through the profile. Save and navigate back to the console screen with the Tabbed navigation.
  • Step 7. Locate Catalog Configuration: Click on the "Catalogs" tab. This will test any existing punchout catalogs. Click "Create Punchout Only" to create your test punchout catalog.
  • Step 8. Catalog Setup: The catalog form will have the following options, fill out the and save.
    • Catalog Name: the name of your punchout catalog
    • PunchOut URL: this is the Catalog URL provided to you by PunchOut2go
    • UNSPSC Number : this is the most generic UNSPSC classification representing the products in your store.
    • Commodities: this section is optional and can be left empty
    • Brief Description: this contains a brief description of your product line.
  • Step 9. Testing: From your catalog list, select your new punchout catalog with the radio button and click test. The next screen allows you to simulate different credentials and Ariba products, the default settings "Procure to Pay" are fine. Click "Shop" to start the session. You should be brought in to your site with an active punchout session. Navigate through your site, add product and return the cart to the procurement system. Make sure the options are returned to the procurement system as you expect.

We encourage you to test all product types (Simple and Configuration). If you have complicated configuration options, make sure the information transfers as expected.

PunchOut2Go is here to make sure that the punchout transaction is successful, please contact us with any problems or issues with Ariba punchout catalog integration, installation, configuration, testing or behaviors. We also encourage you to invite us to be part of your testing and QA process. We would gladly test, review and discuss your Ariba punchout catalog implementation - Contact us.