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Configuring PunchOut2Go for Magento

We can install the punchout module if your company prefers. If you prefer your development team to take care of it, we can provide the module with instructions as well as the configuration information needed to tie in to the gateway.

The punchout module is built per Magento conventions, we do not make changes to core files that would inhibit future Magento updates.

There are minor recommendations for adjustments to the theme that our layout XML documents may or may not handle out of the box, this is dependent on the theme itself. We can be involved or just supportive in this level of testing.

Configuring PunchOut Supplier Accounts

We configure our PunchOut2Go punchout gateway with the appropriate credentials from your Supplier account (Ariba, SciQuest, Oracle etc.). We prefer to be involved configuring the Supplier account with the punchout end points, however we can simply supply you the URLs for you to configure in your account.

Testing Punchout for Magento

Testing is very important. One reason we prefer to be involved in the implementation is so we can be more pro-active and supportive in the testing process. Testing that carts and product configurations are being passed accurately is very important. We encourage all clients to test the punchout session and try many different configurations of their products.

We are happy to be involved getting the installation running and make it as easy on your company as possible. We also understand that many server admins do not want to let other people on their servers. So, for that reason, we are indeed flexible.

We absolutely want to be supportive in the implementation and testing process. Even if others are doing the physical install, we want to be talking and helping them make sure everything works as expected.

We do provide a Developer Tool set via our Punchout Catalog Emulator Test Suite which allows integrators the ability to simulate a punchout session and process.