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Punchout Catalog Scenarios

Punchout Catalog Scenarios with Magento

At PunchOut2Go, we have come across a wide array of punch-out scenarios and requirements. We offer complete customizable Supplier Solutions. Below is a few scenarios around Punchout Catalogs for Magento.

Punchout Scenario 1 (Full Build with unique Punchout Buyers)

Supplier with 10,000 SKU's needs a public e-commerce site and also punchout enablement for 5 buyers across an array of procurement systems. Each buyer has agreed to purchase particular items and each has special negotiated product pricing. The supplier wants to co-brand each buyer experience.

With this type of scenario, Our Magento E-Commerce structure would be:

  • (Public e-Commerce Site)
    • Ariba-Buyer1
    • Ariba-Buyer2
    • SciQuest-Buyer
    • Coupa-Buyer
    • PeopleSoft-Buyer

With this type of structure, PunchOut2Go would Setup (Design, Products Import, Configuration) the public ( with the 10,000 products credentials. Following the base setup, Each buyer catalog (multi-sites) would be setup and the segmented products and pricing would be configured for each buyer.

Punchout Scenario 2 (Supplier has Magento in place and needs Punchout)

In this scenario, the supplier has already established their online shopping cart with Magento and now has a buyer requesting punchout or they are responding to an RFQ. The supplier would purchase and setup the PunchOut2Go Punchout Catalog Extension and they would receive the extension and installation instructions. PunchOut2Go would work with the supplier to test and deploy punchout for their buyer. The install process takes less than an hour and the supplier is punchout catalog ready on their existing magento build.

Punchout Scenario 3 (Supplier to quickly establish Punchout)

In this scenario, The supplier has existing relationships with several buyers on various procurement systems. The supplier has limited inventory, 50 products, and each buyer gets the same products and pricing. The supplier intends to only use the catalog for punchout. The supplier is capable of managing their own products and pricing, simply needs a solution that can be extended and customized as they wish with support to maintain the e-commerce system.

PunchOut2Go would setup Magento e-Commerce and configure Punchout with their buyers. PunchOut2Go provides catalog support and training.

    • Buyers access the main punchout site.
      • Ariba Buyer
      • SciQuest Buyer
      • Unimarket Buyer
      • SAP Buyer

At PunchOut2Go, we make it our mission to work with suppliers to establish the best solution possible for their initiatives. Each solution may be similar but with customizable elements, PunchOut2Go deploys solutions globally for suppliers to quickly adapt and be punchout-integrated. We setup Punchout Catalogs that buyers enjoy using.

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