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Punchout for Magento Features

Punchout Catalog Features with Magento Commerce

Features of PunchOut2Go Punchout Extension for Magento

Along with the obvious, getting punchout catalog capabilities with Magento, here are some of the features of the PunchOut2Go Punchout module for Magento.

  • Integrate the use with your current theme. You don’t have to modify the look and feel of your site. The module can work with any theme.
  • Utilize special tools. You can still use any special tools you have already setup.
  • Make your store public or punchout only. Your store does not need to be one or the other. You can utilize an existing public store or setup your store to be punchout only.
  • Use a single catalog for multiple buyers. Maintain a single product catalog to offer to multiple buying organizations.
  • Customize pricing and pricing tiers to each buying organization. Provide special negotiated pricing to specific buying organizations.
  • Customize your catalog to a buying organization. Offer only approved products to a buyer with a custom store.
  • Customize your store design for a specific buyer. Uniquely co-brand a custom store for a buyer.
  • Supports Complex Product Types.  Simple, Customizable, Grouped and Configurable products.
  • Extendable. Extend the module to deal with special cases without compromising the module’s ability to update.
  • It’s Magento, so use it. Magento has a large community of developers and tools. You can utilize this community for your additional operating needs.

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