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PunchOut2Go Punchout Catalog Extension for Magento

The PunchOut2Go Punchout Catalog Extension for Magento will enable Punchout with your buyer's procurement system. Easily integrate your Magento Commerce Powered system with Ariba, SAP, SciQuest, Coupa, Oracle and any buyers procurement system.

PunchOut2Go PunchOut Catalog extension integrates the Magento store with the PunchOut2Go Gateway. The Gateway deals with any and all variances between Procurement systems, Buyers and the PunchOut enabled catalog.

MUCH More than a PunchOut Extension!

PunchOut2Go provides the support necessary not only for installation (capped at 5 hours), but is also involved in the go-to-integration process from testing to production. We work closely with the supplier, the procurement system and the supplier's customer, "The Buyer", to ensure a smooth integration.

Integration Assurance for your PunchOut Integrations.

Integration Assurance covers your integrations with your buyer(s) and their respective Procurement Application(s). From time to time, buyers (trading partners) and or procurement systems may require changes or troubleshooting. A Buyer is defined as a Company, Group, Institution, or Entity - Not specific buyers within a group. PunchOut is a complex integration and a vital component to eProcurmenet initiatives. PunchOut2Go is here to support your integrations.

Purchasing the PunchOut2Go PunchOut Catalog Extension for Magento.

Upon completion of your order, PunchOut2Go will configure your account on the PunchOut2Go Gateway, package and send over your compiled extension with your API key and installation instructions (generally within 24 hours). If you have any questions or would like to purchase this extension, please call (888)623-2374 or fill out the form below. 

PunchOut2Go requires that your Magento build (Community or Enterprise Edition) is running on PHP 5.3+ and Ioncube installed and enabled.

If your company requires a complete build for Magento from Setup, Design, Integration, etc., Please  contact us.

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