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eProcurement Purchase Order & Invoice Automation

B2B Sales Order Automation connects buyer eProcurement platforms with seller eCommerce applications, eliminating manual order and invoice handling, and streamlining procurement workflows.

B2B End-to-End Order to Invoice Automation

PunchOut2Go is an end-to-end B2B eCommerce Sales Order automation solution. With PunchOut2Go, B2B buyers and suppliers benefit from seamless document and data interchange between any eCommerce application and any eProcurement, spend management, or ERP platform. The PunchOut2Go Gateway supports a wide variety of data formats and messaging protocols for punchout catalog, purchase order, invoice, advanced shipping notification, and acknowledgment harmonization.

PunchOut2Go B2B automation is fast, reliable, and comprehensive, providing document mapping with real-time delivery of purchase orders and other data. With support for all major data interchange feeds and formats, including cXML, OCI, EDI, iDOC, CSV, and more, PunchOut2Go is an adaptable automation platform for universal B2B automation and integration.

Via the PunchOut2Go Gateway, any eCommerce application can be augmented with automated data interchange with Jaggaer, Oracle PeopleSoft, Coupa, SAP Ariba, SAP ERP, and many other platforms.

Why B2B Automation?

B2B automation eliminates manual order and invoice handling, consolidates eProcurement workflows, reduces procurement errors, and empowers B2B buyers to take control of spending.

B2B buyers embrace the strategic benefits of eProcurement and enterprise resource planning platforms, but without comprehensive B2B automation, those benefits cannot be fully realized. Partially automated data interchange doesn’t solve the procurement challenges faced by modern businesses. Without full automation, extensive manual data processing is required, undermining efforts to implement cost-effective and error-free procurement throughout the organization.

PunchOut2Go offers a broad range of functionality to make integration between seller and buyer platforms fast, easy, and affordable.

Why PunchOut2Go?

PunchOut2Go is a complete B2B automation solution. A managed cloud integration layer, PunchOut2Go helps businesses connect.

Supplier enablement and third-party platform integration can be time-consuming and expensive. PunchOut2Go slashes the cost of integration and substantially reduces lead-times. The PunchOut2Go Gateway mediates communication between eProcurement platforms and eCommerce applications, handling two-way communication throughout the procurement process.

With PunchOut2Go, B2B buyers can quickly integrate any supplier eCommerce application with their eProcurement platform, avoiding the expense of custom integration. Suppliers leverage PunchOut2Go to offer fast and easy integration to their customers, increasing customer retention and attracting new business.

PunchOut2Go is a managed cloud platform. We build, host, manage, and configure the integration layer, reducing the burden on client IT departments and ensuring that B2B automation functions flawlessly.

For businesses with proprietary integration requirements, PunchOut2Go offers the support of its expert integration team, which has extensive experience of building custom integration packages, allowing any supplier to reap the benefits of automated integration with customers and partners.

How PunchOut2Go B2B Automation Works

eProcurement applications support various data formats and protocols for exchanging purchase orders, invoices, and other procurement events. They may communicate via email, fax, CXML, XML, EDI, X12, a portal, or others. PunchOut2Go consumes data from both eProcurement and eCommerce platforms, mediating communication between them.

  • Using PunchOut2Go’s punchout catalog integration, buyers select products on a supplier eCommerce store. When the order is complete, PunchOut2Go creates a requisition in the buyer’s eProcurement platform.

  • After processing and approval, the eProcurement platform communicates with the PunchOut2Go Gateway, which creates a purchase order on the eCommerce platform.

  • After fulfillment, PunchOut2Go creates an invoice based on the customer’s requirements.

PunchOut2Go supports other document exchanges, including acknowledgments, advanced shipping notifications, and more.

PunchOut2Go offers two primary connectors:

  • The Order-to-Invoice connector allows buyers and seller platforms to exchange purchase orders, shipping notifications, acknowledgments, and invoices automatically.

  • The Price and Availability connector enables a seller’s customers to receive up-to-date pricing and inventory information from the catalog.

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Purchase Order Handling

With email notifications as well as document mapping and real-time delivery. Procurement purchase order automation solutions can be customized to feed or integrate to supplier ERP systems in particular formats from CSV, XML, EDI, etc. For custom PO2GO integrations, The PunchOut2Go Portal can be utilized to receive electronic PO's. We alternatively offer alternative advanced partner provided solutions with e-Commerce platforms and order management systems.

End-to-End B2B Procurement Purchase Order Automation

Integrating with a third party system can be expensive and time consuming. With EDI/B2B data integration, PunchOut2Go offers a broad range of functionality and features to make the exchange of B2B data easy, fast, and affordable. We support a wide variety of data formats and messaging protocols to help organizations of all sizes connect with each other. For businesses with proprietary needs, we have extensive experience creating custom integration packages that guarantee almost any supplier can reap the benefits of automated integration with customers and other partners.

PunchOut2Go offers two primary connectors:

  • Order-to-Invoice. Allows buyers and sellers to exchange orders, advanced ship notifications, acknowledgements and invoices automatically.
  • Price and Availability. Enables a seller’s customers to receive up to date pricing and inventory information directly from a supplier’s catalog.

As a cloud solution, there is no software to install, configure, maintain or support which leaves your internal IT team available to focus their time and resources on other strategic projects. Other benefits suppliers see, include:

  • Low cost, low risk move to state-of-the-art integration
  • Accelerate the ability to process more data, more accurately with less cost
  • Improve customer satisfaction by eliminating errors

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