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PunchOut2Go for Shopify

PunchOut Catalog solutions for Shopify, a complete low cost e-Commerce solution that allows you to set up an online store to sell your goods. With PunchOut2Go for Shopify, You can sell your goods and services to customers utilizing eProcurement systems from your Shopify powered storefront.

Punchout Catalog Integration for Shopify

The PunchOut2Go for Shopify solution will allow shopping from users from any eProcurement system that supports PunchOut via the PunchOut2Go Gateway. The user will shop, add items to their cart and from the Shopping cart page, Transfer their order back through PunchOut2Go back into their eProcurement system to complete the PunchOut process, generating a requisition. Take a look at Shopify to see if it may be a solution for your initiatives. 

PunchOut2Go provides punchout catalog integration for Shopify B2B sellers. PunchOut2Go integrates Shopify with hundreds of eProcurement, spend management, and enterprise resource planning platforms, providing the fast and reliable B2B automation that buyers expect.

PunchOut2Go empowers B2B sellers with punchout catalog integration between Shopify and any eProcurement platform, including Ariba, SAP ERP, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle PeopleSoft, and many more.

Shopify Punchout with PunchOut2Go

Shopify is the world’s leading cloud eCommerce provider. Over 400,000 B2B sellers and B2C retailers choose Shopify for its simple interface, no-hassle infrastructure hosting, and ability to satisfy the needs of a wide range of eCommerce businesses. Shopify provides B2B-focused features that include gated wholesale and custom control of the shopping experience with Shopify Scripts.

Shopify is popular with small-to-medium B2B sellers because it is a straightforward and inexpensive cloud solution with minimal management overhead and upfront investment.

PunchOut2Go is an end-to-end procurement integration layer between Shopify and buyer eProcurement platforms, allowing sellers to offer seamless punchout and B2B process automation without the expense of a custom solution.

PunchOut2Go mediates communication between Shopify and buyer eProcurement platforms via the PunchOut2Go Gateway, a managed cloud service that consumes a wide variety of protocols and feed formats, transparently managing two-way integration so that buyers can shop in your Shopify store from within their eProcurement platform.

B2B buyers prefer PunchOut2Go’s punchout solution because it reduces manual data entry, automates error-prone processes, and ensures that buyers can track procurement and spending in their chosen eProcurement platform. Sellers love PunchOut2Go because it helps them to retain customers, reduces the cost of selling, and makes their products available to buyers in their preferred procurement interface.

The PunchOut2Go Experience

From the buyers' perspective, the PunchOut2Go eProcurement process couldn’t be simpler.

  • The buyer chooses your Shopify store from within their eProcurement platform. PunchOut2Go automatically handles redirection and authentication, so buyers can start choosing products immediately.

  • The buyer shops as normal, choosing products from your Shopify catalog. When they are ready, they punchout, and a requisition order is logged with their eProcurement platform.

  • When the order has been approved, PunchOut2Go transfers the necessary data back to your Shopify store for fulfillment.

  • PunchOut2Go manages integration throughout the process, from requisition, to invoicing, to shipping notices.

Shopify Punchout Catalog Integration with Coupa

Coupa is among the most popular spend management platforms for businesses of all sizes. Businesses choose Coupa because it enables them to take control of the spending and procurement process, providing valuable insights and accountability.

Businesses that use Coupa are often unwilling to accept suppliers that cannot work within their preferred platform. PunchOut2Go can quickly integrate your Shopify store with Coupa.

Shopify Punchout Catalog Integration with Ariba

SAP Ariba allows businesses to consolidate and control their spending via a cloud platform that integrates with other SAP services. PunchOut2Go can bring your Shopify catalog into your buyers' Ariba platform without custom development work.

Shopify Punchout Catalog Integration with Jaggaer

Jaggaer is an industry-leading spend management and analytics solution used by thousands of businesses. The PunchOut2Go Gateway provides complete order and invoice integration between Shopify and Jaggaer.

Integrate Your Shopify Store with Any Buyer eProcurement or Spend Management Platform

B2B sellers that provide no-hassle punchout are more attractive to buyers, who prefer simple automated platform integration.

PunchOut2Go is a fast and easy-to-implement managed punchout solution with dedicated support from our B2B automation experts. PunchOut2Go helps you to give buyers what they want: frictionless punchout and B2B automation.

To learn more about punchout and invoicing integration for Shopify and any of the dozens of eCommerce and eProcurement integrations supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

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