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The PunchOut2Go Portal & PunchOut Tester

Punchout Catalog test suite emulator for developers and punchout catalog site integrators using PunchOut2Go Punchout Catalog Implementation services

PunchOut2Go OCI and cXML Punchout Tester

PunchOut2Go offers the only OCI and cXML punchout tester in the procurement industry. The emulator allows developers to simulate, test and review the punchout process before sending punchout catalog credentials to the respected procurement system.

The PunchOut2Go Emulator is included in any punchout catalog solutions purchased from PunchOut2Go for clients to use. We, internally, developed this OCI and cXML punchout tester to test punchout catalogs and now provide clients, as well as developers integrating our solution, with access to the same great tools we use.

For suppliers implementing Punchout for Magento or integrating the PunchOut2Go PunchOut Gateway into any e-Commerce build, the Emulator will be an encouraging tool to help you work through, test e-Procurement and visualize punchout.

General "How to's" for the PunchOut2Go Procurement Emulator

  1. Login to the portal with your username and password.
  2. Choose Account (If you have multiple, you can click to the account you wish to test)
  3. Select "Developer"
  4. Select "Punchout"
  5. Select the Punchout Catalog to test and "Create a New Test"
  6. Click to "Send PunchOutSetupRequest"
  7. Your Punchout Session will be created. You can click "Launch Session" or you can review the Response Headers, Response Body and Request Body. The Request body will include your credentials (Identity, Name, Address, City, State, Zip, etc.). If there are errors and the "Launch Session" button is unavailable, you will get a notice explaining any configuration errors.
  8. The Punchout Catalog will now be launched in a new browser window.
  9. Navigate the store and add items to your cart
  10. From the shopping cart, continue shopping or complete the order and  "Transfer your Order"
  11. The Punchout Catalog window will close and your order will be transferred back to the portal.
  12. You can review other elements of the punchout order by clicking the "Order Document" and "Open xml in New Window"
  13. Congratulations!

We make it our mission to deliver punchout catalogs efficiently and as cost effectively as possible. The OCI and cXML punchout tester will save your company money by allowing you to test prior to engaging and configuring punchout at the procurement system(s).

Whether we are doing the punchout catalog build or your development team is developing integration for your company, the PunchOut2Go Punchout Catalog Emulator will prove to be an invaluable asset for your punchout initiative. Test, Visualize, Validate, Launch!

We're glad you are here. Let us help you integrate!

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