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PunchOut2Go for WordPress & WooCommerce

PunchOut Catalog solutions for WordPress WooCommerce, an eCommerce plugin that allows you to sell on your WordPress store brought to you by PunchOut2Go, the leader in eProcurement Punchout Catalog solutions.

PunchOut Catalog and Purchase Order Integration for WordPress and WooCommerce

The PunchOut2Go Plugin for Wordpress & WooCommerce will authenticate users from any eProcurement system that supports PunchOut into WordPress / WooCommerce via the PunchOut2Go Gateway. The user will shop, add items to their cart, transfer their order back through PunchOut2Go back into their eProcurement or ERP system to complete the PunchOut process. Once a Purchase Order has been generated, PunchOut2Go can grab the Purchase Order, translate data as needed, and deliver it electronically into the seller's WooCommerce store.

PunchOut2Go empowers B2B sellers with fast and simple PunchOut and Purchase Order integration between WordPress / WooCommerce and hundreds of eProcurement, spend management, and ERP platforms. With PunchOut2Go, B2B sellers can offer seamless WooCommerce PunchOut integration without expensive and time-consuming custom development.

PunchOut2Go provides WooCommerce PunchOut catalog and Purchase Order integration with Ariba, Coupa, Jaggaer, Oracle ERP, Oracle PeopleSoft, SAP, and many more.

WooCommerce and PunchOut2Go

WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce applications in the world, and is widely used by B2B sellers and B2C retailers. WooCommerce extends WordPress, transforming the easy-to-use content management system into a powerful and extensible eCommerce platform for B2B sellers.

Since it was first released in 2011, WooCommerce has firmly established its position as a leading eCommerce solution for businesses in need of a fast and flexible eCommerce platform.

B2B sellers use PunchOut2Go to provide inexpensive WooCommerce PunchOut catalog and Purchase Order integration with eProcurement platforms used by businesses around the world.

The PunchOut2Go Gateway consumes data from WooCommerce and buyer eProcurement platforms, mediating communication between platforms with heterogenous protocols. The Gateway handles two-way communication of data, metadata, and feed formats so that seller platforms can be effortlessly integrated with buyer backends.

A Simple PunchOut Experience

Buyers preferentially choose suppliers that provide eCommerce catalogs with PunchOut capability. Without automated integration between buyer and seller platforms, the procurement process is more expensive, less accountable, and prone to error.

Buyers demand simple, straightforward integration and automation, and that’s just what PunchOut2Go gives them.

With PunchOut2Go, the procurement process couldn’t be easier.

  • The buyer selects your WooCommerce store from their eProcurement system. They are automatically redirected to the WooCommerce store and authenticated.
  • The buyer uses the WooCommerce store’s catalog, search, and shopping cart to select products.
  • Once the products are in the cart, the buyer can PunchOut to their eProcurement system. PunchOut2Go handles the transfer of order data from WooCommerce to the buyer’s eProcurement platform as a requisition.
  • Once the requisition has been approved by the buyer’s organization, PunchOut2Go sends a purchase order to the WooCommerce store for fulfillment or to other end points.

PunchOut2Go integrates the entire procurement process, including orders, invoicing, acknowledgements, and shipping notifications for those subscribed to these services.

WooCommerce PunchOut and Purchase Order Integration for Coupa

Coupa is a leading cloud spend management platform used by businesses to manage spending and procurement. Companies that rely on Coupa are less likely to buy from sellers that don’t offer PunchOut integration to their preferred platform.

Via PunchOut2Go, your WooCommerce store can be quickly integrated with Coupa, bringing your products to a larger market.

WooCommerce PunchOut and Purchase Order Integration for SAP ERP

SAP ERP provides enterprise resource planning services to many businesses across the world. It is particularly favored by large enterprise buyers.

PunchOut2Go provides seamless PunchOut catalog and invoicing between WooCommerce and SAP ERP.

WooCommerce PunchOut and Purchase Order Integration for Ariba

Ariba, SAP’s cloud spend management platform, empowers businesses to control all their spending and procurement processes on a consolidated platform. Businesses choose Ariba because it provides a single platform solution for spend management. PunchOut2Go ensures that your store can be integrated into that platform.

Integrate WooCommerce with Any Spend Management, eProcurement, or ERP Platform via PunchOut2Go

Buyers expect sellers to provide PunchOut catalog integration and B2B automation because it reduces friction between buyer and seller platforms, removes the need for manual data processing, and slashes the cost of procurement.

PunchOut2Go is the trusted PunchOut integration provider for thousands of businesses – we help our customers to sell more and faster with lower transaction costs.

To learn how PunchOut2Go can provide PunchOut catalog integration from your WooCommerce store to your buyer’s eProcurement platform, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

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