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PunchOut2Go for XMPie

PunchOut2Go automates punchout, purchase order, and invoice harmonization between XMPie StoreFlow and any eProcurement or spend management platform.

Punchout Catalogs and B2B Automation for XMPie StoreFlow

PunchOut2Go provides seamless punchout catalog integration and B2B automation for Xerox XMPie StoreFlow and any eProcurement, spend management, and enterprise resource planning platform. Streamline procurement workflows with PunchOut2Go’s punchout catalog, purchase order, and invoice harmonization for XMPie and Coupa, Jaggaer, SAP Ariba, Oracle PeopleSoft, and hundreds more.

PunchOut2Go is a fully managed B2B cloud integration solution for B2B buyers and sellers, distributors, and manufacturers. PunchOut2Go’s expert integration support team works with buyers and suppliers to guarantee seamless integration of any eProcurement platform with XMPie.

XMPie and PunchOut2Go

Xerox XMPie is the leading platform for cross-media marketing, customer communications management, and web-to-print ordering. Businesses of all sizes XMPie to create custom online and offline cross-media marketing products. StoreFlow is XMPie’s eCommerce solution, which allows XMPie users to create feature-rich online stores for selling custom print products.

PunchOut2Go harmonizes procurement data between XMPie and buyer eProcurement platforms. With PunchOut2Go, B2B buyers can leverage the full strategic benefits of their eProcurement platform. All relevant procurement data is automatically exchanged between XMPie and the eProcurement platform, allowing buyers to control web-to-print procurement workflows via their eProcurement platform.

PunchOut2Go B2B automation for XMPie StoreFlow empowers businesses to eliminate manual order handling, cut supplier-enablement lead-times, and reduce procurement errors and rogue spending.

PunchOut2Go for XMPie StoreFlow Supplier Enablement

Supplier enablement is key to harnessing eProcurement effectively. But it is often an expensive and time-consuming process. Suppliers may not have the resources or the expertise to complete the enablement process in an acceptable time frame. Supplier enablement doesn’t scale well and custom solutions are not cost-effective.

With PunchOut2Go, buyers can offer any supplier, including XMPie StoreFlow users, a fast and inexpensive enablement solution with full support for punchout catalog, purchase order, invoice, and advanced shipping notice integration with minimal technical overhead. PunchOut2Go streamlines supplier enablement and empowers buyers to enable suppliers with a reliable and cost-effective integration solution.

PunchOut2Go for XMPie StoreFlow Web-to-Print Suppliers

With the ability to offer low-cost B2B automation and punchout integration, XMPie StoreFlow users have a competitive advantage. Buyers prefer sellers who with integration capabilities, and, with PunchOut2Go, a seamless punchout and automation experience is easy to achieve.

The PunchOut2Go Experience

PunchOut2Go consumes data in many formats, including cXML, EDI, iDoc, and XML. Data is exchanged between platforms for an efficient procurement process with no manual processing and full data harmonization.

  • PunchOut2Go punchout catalog integration allows buyers to choose an XMPie StoreFlow catalog from within their eProcurement platform. They are automatically transferred from the eProcurement platform to the XMPie store and authenticated.

  • The buyer browses, searches, and chooses products as usual. After their cart is complete, they hit “Transfer Order,” and PunchOut2Go creates a requisition order in the eProcurement platform.

  • Once the requisition is processed and approved, PunchOut2Go creates a purchase order in XMPie StoreFlow.

As an end-to-end B2B automation solution, PunchOut2Go also harmonizes invoices and advanced shipping notifications.

XMPie StoreFlow Punchout Catalog Integration for Jaggaer

The PunchOut2Go Gateway provides punchout, purchase order, and invoice integration between XMPie StoreFlow and Jaggaer, an industry-leading cloud spend management and analytics solution.

XMPie StoreFlow Punchout Catalog Integration for Coupa

Coupa is a cloud spend management platform serving businesses ranging from SMEs to large corporations. Integrate XMPie StoreFlow stores with Coupa via PunchOut2Go.

XMPie StoreFlow Punchout Catalog Integration for SAP Ariba

Streamline supplier enablement between XMPie StoreFlow and SAP Ariba with PunchOut2Go, including end-to-end procurement and punchout catalog integration.

XMPie StoreFlow Punchout and B2B Automation for Any eProcurement Platform

PunchOut2Go supports XMPie StoreFlow punchout catalogs and B2B automation on all eProcurement platforms. PunchOut2Go minimizes integration costs for buyer and seller while empowering buyers to enable all of their suppliers with a complete automation solution.

PunchOut2Go’s integration experts work closely with both buyers and sellers to ensure a fast, reliable, and cost-effective integration.

To learn more about punchout catalog, purchase order, and invoice integration for XMPie StoreFlow and any of the dozens of eCommerce and eProcurement integrations supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

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