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PunchOut2Go for Znode

PunchOut2Go connect suppliers using Znode eCommerce with B2B buyers on any eProcurement platform, including Coupa, Ariba, SAP ERP, and Jaggaer.

PunchOut Catalog Integration for Znode

PunchOut2Go for Znode is a comprehensive PunchOut catalog and purchase order automation solution for the Znode enterprise B2B eCommerce platform.

With PunchOut2Go, B2B sellers can provide PunchOut catalog integration from their Znode enterprise eCommerce store to any eProcurement, spend management, or enterprise resource planning platform.

PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation are among the features most requested by B2B buyers. Buyers use eProcurement and spend management platforms to streamline procurement workflows, enforce procurement policies, and automate time-consuming manual data entry.

PunchOut2Go supports hundreds of eProcurement and ERP platforms, including Jaggaer, Coupa, Oracle PeopleSoft eProcurement, and many more. If your customers use an eProcurement platform, we support it for PunchOut.

PunchOut2Go for Znode empowers B2B sellers to offer B2B automation while avoiding the long lead times and expense of a custom integration project.

Znode PunchOut with PunchOut2Go

Znode is a headless enterprise B2B eCommerce platform. It is one of the most sophisticated API-driven eCommerce solutions available. Znode includes a range of B2B eCommerce features that includes inventory management, unlimited personalized catalogs, quote management, list management, built-in content management, and a powerful search engine.

Unlike many “headless” eCommerce platforms, Znode is engineered for API-driven eCommerce from the ground up. B2B sellers are free to use modern JAMStack web technologies, native mobile applications, or any other technology they prefer to build an adaptable multi-store experience on Znode.

Universal PunchOut Catalogs and Purchase Order Automation

With PunchOut2Go, Znode users can extend the capabilities of their Znode store with PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation.

PunchOut catalogs allow buyers to access your Znode store via their eProcurement platform.

  • When they select your store in their eProcurement platform, buyers "punch out" and are redirected and authenticated into your Znode store.
  • They shop as usual, and, when their cart is complete, they transfer the cart data back into their eProcurement system.
  • From there, a requisition order is created to await approval.
  • Once the purchase is approved, a purchase order is created and sent back to your Znode store to be fulfilled.

PunchOut2Go for Znode leverages the PunchOut2Go Gateway, a cloud integration layer that sits between eCommerce stores and eProcurement platforms. Your Znode store is integrated with our Gateway, and the Gateway handles data exchange with hundreds of eProcurement platforms. The Gateway enables secure two-way data interchange and translation between thousands of application and platform combinations.

In addition to the PunchOut catalog and purchase order automation, PunchOut2Go can also enable eQuotes, eInvoicing, order confirmations, and advance shipping notices (ASN).

Znode PunchOut Catalog Integration with Coupa

Coupa is used by thousands of B2B buyers to manage procurement and spending. It is one of the most popular eProcurement solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. With PunchOut2Go, sellers can provide zero-hassle PunchOut integration to Coupa users.

Znode PunchOut Catalog Integration with Jaggaer

The Jaggaer (previously SciQuest) spend management platform is used by organizations across the public sector, education, and the manufacturing industry. PunchOut2Go can connect your Znode catalog to your buyers’ Jaggaer spend management platform for full-featured PunchOut and purchase order automation.

Znode PunchOut Catalog Integration with SAP Ariba

Large enterprise organizations use SAP Ariba because of its powerful procurement management capabilities and its close integration with SAP ERP. PunchOut2Go supports PunchOut catalog and purchase order integration for Znode and SAP Ariba.

Integrate Your Znode Store With Any eProcurement, Spend Management, and ERP Platform

B2B buyers are eager to integrate all suppliers with their eProcurement and spend management platforms. Unmanaged spend, also known as tail spend, inflates procurement costs that prevent businesses from making informed procurement decisions.

In the past, PunchOut catalogs and other types of B2B automation were expensive, requiring long and complex custom integration projects. But with PunchOut2Go, sellers can increase their attractiveness to buyers by offering a low-cost, low-friction route to seamless integration and automation.

To learn more about PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation for Znode and any of the hundreds of eCommerce and eProcurement integrations supported by PunchOut2Go, contact us via live chat or complete the form below.

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