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PunchOut2Go for Mirakl B2B Marketplaces

Bring PunchOut catalogs, purchase order automation, and eInvoicing to Mirakl-powered marketplaces with PunchOut2Go eProcurement integration and B2B sales order automation.

PunchOut Catalogs for Mirakl B2B Marketplaces

Sponsor_Kit_Socials_P2Go-01.pngIntegrate your Mirakl-powered B2B marketplace with buyer eProcurement and ERP platforms for PunchOut catalogs, purchase order automation, eInvoicing, and more.

The Mirakl B2B Marketplace Platform transforms B2B eCommerce stores into multi-seller marketplaces. Mirakl enhances stores built on Magento, Shopify, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and others with multi-vendor order management, advanced payment solutions, and marketplace management tools.

With PunchOut2Go’s Integration Platform as a Service, B2B marketplace operators can further enrich their online sales presence with buyer eProcurement integration, PunchOut catalogs, and order automation.

EProcurement is the fastest-growing B2B sales channel, and buyers want to purchase from your marketplace via their eProcurement platform. PunchOut2Go offers low-cost procure-to-pay integration for any Mirakl marketplace and any buyer eProcurement spend management or enterprise resource planning application.

PunchOut Catalogs for Mirakl Marketplaces

The PunchOut2Go iPaaS is a platform-agnostic integration solution for eCommerce stores and eProcurement platforms. Via PunchOut2Go, any store can exchange data with any eProcurement platform while our technology handles platform integration, protocol translation, and data harmonization.

Marketplace PunchOut catalogs and purchase order automation eliminate manual data entry and rekeying, streamline the procurement process, accelerate the purchase cycle, and help B2B sellers to reduce rogue spending.

  • The buyer selects your marketplace’s logo in their eProcurement platform’s interface. PunchOut2Go redirects the buyer to the marketplace and authenticates them with the buying organization’s credentials.
  • The buyer can browse, search, and select products as usual. As the seller, you retain complete control of the buying experience. The buyer has full access to the features of your eCommerce store and Mirakl’s custom catalog segmentation, B2B pricing strategies, and multi-vendor order management.
  • When the buyer is finished, PunchOut2Go transfers the combined multi-vendor cart data to their procurement system and automatically creates a requisition order.
  • Once the requisition is approved, PunchOut2Go facilitates the transfer of the purchase order to the marketplace, while Mirakl manages order processing for each seller, unified invoicing, and payment.

PunchOut2Go empowers Mirakl-powered marketplace operators to offer a fast, low-cost route to frictionless automation. Together, PunchOut2Go and Mirakl create a radically improved procurement experience for eProcurement users.

The Power of eCommerce Marketplaces

B2B marketplaces are multi-seller platforms, operated by a B2B seller but open to other sellers offering complementary products. Marketplaces allow B2B sellers to:

  • Increase product diversity and serve the needs of a broader customer base.
  • Grow revenue and profit.
  • Leverage new marketplace-specific revenue streams, including direct fees, value-added services, and paid-for tools.

Forward-looking B2B sellers are moving beyond simple single-seller eCommerce stores to create digital sales experiences that combine the power of eCommerce, the diversity of marketplaces, and the cohesive buyer-friendly efficiency of PunchOut2Go’s eProcurement integration and automation.

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